Headshot Sian FiddimoreWhen I was asked to record the part of Annie in “Goodbye, Hello, Goodbye”  I prepared to follow the script analysis technique that I had learned during my recent year training at HB Studio in New York City.

That is read the script, read it again and write down the images and thoughts that come to mind, read it again and write down how it touches elements of your own experiences and then read the script again and start to develop your character.

However, when I first read “Goodby, Hello, Goodbye” images immediately came to mind and I was so moved by the relationships in the piece that I connected instantly with Annie. The words were so touching and clear to me.

My preparation was done and I pressed record and what you hear is my first read, I was so moved and touched by the writing that I just went with it and the emotions poured from me as I believed my own story of Annie.

As an actor, when you have wonderful images that spring from well prepared creative writing the job of performing is a pleasure.

I hope you enjoy listening to “Goodbye, Hello, Goodbye.” as much as I enjoyed performing it.

You can hear Sian’s performance here and read a little about the process of writing it here. Sian can be contacted through her Spotlight Page.

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