Headshot Sian FiddimoreWhen I returned to Edinburgh from a year of training at HB Studio, NYC I was excited to continue with my professional development. But where should I go? I didn’t want an academic opportunity or a weekend introduction to drama class or a drama games workshop – I wanted to keep practising my craft, technique and scenes on a regular basis.

Something that had made a big impression on me was the thirst to perform and learn that was shared by the community at HB Studio – directors, actors, writers, singers, dancers; all wanted to keep ‘playing’ and did so by signing up to the plethora of workshops and classes available. This enthused me to create something similar here in Edinburgh – I wanted to continue that sense of creative community with professionals and non professionals, trained and non-trained committed actors who want to share and learn from each other.

So with Moving Parts Theatre Company I started Acting Technique workshops based on the Uta Hagen exercises in her book “A Challenge for the Actor”. Together committed creative performers work individually and in pairs to present their true self on stage to the rest of the group and receive the feedback.

The first few weeks were successful and I found many others who felt the same as I did – that it is better to continue to practise and to build new creative networks, especially whilst auditioning and waiting for the next opportunity to come along.

The vision is to build up an ensemble of actors for Moving Parts Theatre Company who will then progress to invite creative writers to share their new works – poems, short stories, monologues and plays for the ensemble to perform staged readings.

The Acting Technique workshops will be weekly from Wednesday 6 February 2013 7pm-9pm at The Space, Media Education, 183 Dalry Road, Edinburgh.

If you are interested in participating in the Acting Technique workshops please contact me at sianfiddimore@hotmail.com

Listen to Sian perform in Goodbye, Hello, Goodbye and Whine List.

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