Walking on waterChoose your location wisely.
A puddle’s too shallow
and you could get tangled on the reeds in your pond.

Never try to walk on water when taking a bath – it will only end in tears.

If attempting in a public place, don’t run, don’t dive bomb and don’t heavy pet.

Now, stand at the water’s edge. Take two, three, four deep breaths and close your eyes.

Think of him.

As a whole at first, indistinct, then coming into focus, a kaleidoscope of features.

Dimples that crease, the soft laugh you hear at home
His cool efficiency in the face of trouble
And his touch as he checks the time on your watch.

Think of the gesture almost unnoticed.

Think of the care he shows
The mischief he brings
The look he gives

Hear him say “I love you”
Then, you will be walking on water

N.B. See also “How To Float On Air”; “How To Feel As High As A Kite”

© Maura McCall 2013

Maura McCall is a member of the Binge Inkers writers’ group.

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