Gerry WebberShe looked up from her Kindle and glanced at the TV.

– Don’t bother, his wife said. I know what you’re thinking.

– About what? he said.

– I wish you wouldn’t do that.

– Do what?

– You only do it to annoy me.

– What are you talking about?

– I hate it when you do that.

– What?

– Pretend.

– Pretend what?

– Oh, this is just typical of you at the moment. It’s pathetic.

– What is this all about?

– Go back to your bloody iPad. You know what it’s about.

– No. I don’t – really.

– Then you’re more stupid than I thought you were.

– For Christ’s sake woman, you’re just trying to be awkward.

– Don’t woman me. And don’t you dare say it’s my hormones.

– I haven’t mentioned your fucking hormones.

– We just never communicate about anything important any more.

– Well, what do you want to talk about, for fuck sake?

– Look, if you’ve got to ask, there’s no point. And stop swearing. I hate that.

– No. Come on. Let’s talk about whatever the fuck it is you want to talk about. Come on.

– Don’t bother, his wife said. There’s no point. I know what you’re thinking.

 © Gerry Webber 2013

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