Bricks that fathomed
Echo and sing,
Lathe and plaster
Clutch whispered secrets.
In their kiss
Monsters and angels,
Ablaze in bliss

Do you know us?
We, who birthed,
Hope from anguish?
Felt life-muscle beat
Strong, chest-deep
Yet, could not be
Spewed laughter out
And shared the vision;
Bounced it off your surfaces
And later, in flood,
Off flesh and blood

Your embrace
Eased cold want;
Ice-teeth –
Keen teeth
That fed on
Cruel grief

And how you grew
And how you healed
And how you hailed
The silver future

In torn hollows,
In sweet alcoves,
Strength from
Sorrow came;
Yet now the walls
We hoped
Would stand
And hold
Grow cold

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