Bleeding RoseBlink, blink, blurry.
White, white, so bloody white.
Struggle, pull, can’t move
Blink, Blink.
Where the hell am I?
Nice face, worried eyes, white coat.
Think! Oh yeah.

Red, red roses, covered in red.
Sickening perfume in the air.
Him, stalker, me, rage.
Secateurs, shiny, sharp.
Red, red mist over my eyes.
Spritz, spritz like my Evian can.
Screams, screams; is that me?
Slap, claw, rage.
Red Mist.

Pull, tug, yank.
Large hands push me into a black and white van
Cold steel at wrists.
Blur, blur, sirens scream now.
Uniform, Uniform, pinstripe suits.
Cell door, clunk.
Grey, grey, more grey.

PJaWhite, white coat, so bloody white.
Syringe in elbow, aw.
Nothing, bliss.
Worried eyes, blink, husband?
Crisp, crisp white sheets, cocoon.
Smile creeps up on me
Laugh, manic now;
He’s gone in a rose, red, mist.

© Paula Johnston 2013

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