The Puffin Review exists to give a voice to new writers and journalists, whilst publishing reviews of the latest fiction and author interviews. I’m delighted that they have seen fit to publish ‘Signals’. I’ve published the first two verses below as a taster.

Smoke signalsSignals

She had taken to her bed
As they did in those days
And there she lingered
Lace curtains
Kensitas and Camay
A dark wood dresser
Hairbrush and cold mirror –
These were her attendants

A cottage flat
But outside no rolling fields
Stiff stair rods
Creaking boards
The smell of lavender
Tarnished tap dripping
Chime of the mantle clock
Marking the remaining hours

© DJ Mac 2013

Visit The Puffin Review here to read the whole poem and indeed the whole of issue 3 where there is lovely poetry and prose.


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