PageLines- keyboard.jpgWe’ve just passed the 4000th ‘hit’ on DJ Mac. Not bad in just 3 months. Why the interest? It will have something to do with the quality of the most-read blogs in March, I suspect. Take a look and see what you think.

The Living Room by Emma Cooke

In this lovely poem, Emma catches the passage of time and changing priorities in a tender and wistful way. Emma is a fellow member of the Binge Inkers writers’ group.

Blossom by Paula Johnston

Paula’s vignette of a loving grandfather reaches out and touches.

Busy at the Office by Martin Redfern

Martin sets a powerful scene in a very ordinary setting. You will connect with the poignancy in this very short story. Martin is a Binge Inker.

Grumpy by DJ Mac

It’ll make you smile. It’ll probably make you laugh. It will certainly surprise you.

Familiarity by Gerry Webber

This may feel a bit too familiar. Nicely observed by Gerry

Evie by Catriona Windle

This short story tenderly captures a dangerous old lady. The sort you might want to take home.

Eagle eyes will have noted that there are six top posts. Two were too close to call, so both got in!

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