Challenging, deep and meaningful poetry in the style of the Broons. Glossary Included

Seek Hoose

The wean’s a wee bit wabbit,
Jimmy’s goat the skits;
Granny’s goan aw crabbit
Check oot Samantha’s zits!
Stuart’s peely-wally,
Hingy, seek – no smile;
Grandpaw’s lost his wallies
An’ Jimmy’s keech is vile.
They say the dry boak’s no’ much fun:
Maw’s goan and goat the wet,
An’ worse! The bog roll’s noo aw done:
We’re using the gazette.
We’ve tried aw roads tae fin’ a cure,
The doactor’s in a sweat;
Of whit tae dae he’s no quite sure:
We’re bidin’ oan the vet!

© DJ Mac 2013

(Written by DJ Mac, Performed by Sian Fiddimore, Sound production by Ian Sharman)

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Seek = sick
Hoose = house
Wean = child
Wabbit = unwell
Skits = diarrhoea
Crabbit = grumpy
Peely-wally = pale
Hingy = without energy
Wallies = false teeth
Keech = stool
Dry boak = retching
Wet boak = vomiting
Bog = toilet


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