I ask you. A gallery on a writing blog? What’s that about?

It’s a good question. There are three answers to that question.

I suppose the first is that I like photos. And not just me. Other people like photos too. My cursor moves to ‘gallery’ on websites as if drawn by a homing signal. They please me. They draw me in. They make me feel.

And then there is the fact that there are thousands of photos on a hard drive here feeling kind of lonely. There’s a cruel irony in that. You take a photo when there’s a beautiful, interesting or emotionally relevant subject and then you put that photo in a machine, essentially locking it away. Not good enough.

Then there is the fact that the software for the blog allows me to post photos in a few seconds. A facility that is not being used? Buttons to be pressed? A shiny colourful page to display? No brainer.

What has been surprising is how fast the gallery has moved up the ‘most viewed’ list. The blog has had almost five thousand ‘hits’ in its three or so months of life, and the gallery has been in the top three most popular sections these last few weeks.So plenty of attention for this pin-up girl. To be honest, I didn’t expect that and it has encouraged me to carry my camera with me a bit more often. So watch this space!