PuffinI’m thrilled that The Puffin Review has published two of my poems in its Issue 4.  The First Day and Old Age both revolve around family issues and, as The Puffin Review’s editor suggests, display ‘strong emotion and imagery’.

The First Day reflects on those new boy or new girl emotions, particularly around vulnerability, that many of us felt in our formative years at moments of significant change.  It’s my experience that early recollections such as these remain clearly etched on our memories and can even influence us long into adult life.

I mentioned in an earlier guest blog on D J Mac, Playing the Old Songs, that I was working on a poem about the ageing process: Old Age is the result.  In the early stages of writing, the poem had a bitter, angry feel and, while to an extent this remains in the finished work, the resentment has been alleviated by sorrow and regret.

I hope that you enjoy reading them. You’ll find them here.

Martin Redfern

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