Dark-hero2I flew in
Saw the evil genius
Through the hard wall
And smashed the bricks
With steel fists
To rescue the girl

Whack the hood
On his bald head
A bit too hard (again)
He crumples, skull cracked
Matter oozing
Like a softly boiled egg

I turn to the girl
But she’s pushed up against the wall
Eyes wide
Fingernails scratching concrete

I look over my shoulder
With my sapphire blue peepers
But there’s no one there
I shrug, stretching my costume
Over my huge chest
And approach

She’s scrabbling on the floor now
Stilettos scraping quarry tiles
Liquid runs from her skirt
Towards my red boot

She passes out
Just like that
Ungrateful bitch
They just don’t get it
So limited

I toast her
And go looking for
Someone else to save

© DJ Mac 2013

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