FireworksWhen I launched the site in January, there were three things I didn’t really anticipate. The first was the traffic. With over 8000 views in six months, it’s true to say that my chums and I have attracted a bit of attention. The second surprise was the willingness of friends to write and contribute to the site. Some of the most popular posts have come from co-writers in the group I belong to: the Binge Inkers. Thirdly I did not foresee where my focus on writing would take me personally. This year has seen a variety of poems and stories published in other places and, most recently, to my excitement, I have won a competition and will shortly have a story published in an e-book.

At just past the half year mark, it seems like the perfect time to select my own five favourite posts so far. This is my own selection, not based on ‘hits’ or any particularly scientific method. I have selected the pieces simply because they have moved me, made my heart sing or because they have sent me soaring with their words. Here they are:

In Woodland Path by Jo Stevens, we are anchored in place, but not in time. Yearning permeates the verses.

Strength and tenderness form the foundations of Gillian Munro’s poem Baptism where a visit to the swimming pool mirrors a more formal occasion.

Emma Cooke’s The Living Room is tender and well observed; domestic familiarity is a conduit to maternal love.

Love and loss are intertwined in Martin Redfern’s A Month Before. Achingly poignant.

Finally, in gently warm observational style, Catriona Windle captures a brief snapshot of neighbourhood in Cosmo.

Thanks to all of my contributors for allowing me to publish their work on DJ Mac. Now for the next six months!



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