FireworksDJMac (the website, not the person) has just passed the 10,000 page views mark. Quite an achievement in only ten months and a testament to the quality of the writing that my chums have contributed to the site.

About three quarters of the visitors are from the UK and about 10% from the USA. After that (in order of frequency of visits) comes Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Norway and France.

Many visitors end up on the site through Facebook links, but close on the heels of Facebook is Google searching. My AboutMe page is a reliable bridge to DJMac and so is Twitter.

The most popular posts are Sian Fiddimore’s reading of ‘Warrant Outstanding,” my irreverent take on the Wizard of Oz story followed by Martin Redfern’s “Playing the Old Songs” which has recently been runner up in the Puffin Review Short Story Competition. Next up is Baptism by Gillian Munro. Emma Cooke runs off with the  two next most-popular pages: The Living Room and Family Album. Then we have Woodland Path by Jo Stevens, A Month Before by Martin Redfern and Evie by Catriona Windle.

Where to?
The most popular links on the site are to AboutMe; the Puffin Review; Far Off Places: The anthology of short stories, Jam; Ink Sweat & Tears and my SoundCloud page.

What’s next?
I plan to continue to publish prose, poetry, short stories and items relevant to creative writing. Watch this space!


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