Eye3The new edition of Far Off Places is out and this time not one, not two, but three of the Binge Inkers made it inside the beautiful pages of Issue 3, titled ‘Under the Bed’. This time we’re plunged into netherworlds where sinister themes abound and shady figures who don’t have your best interests at heart lurk round dark corners. Don’t go alone; take a friend. A friend with a solid crossbow.

Emma Cooke’s short poem ‘Three Sisters” hums with the tension of a vibrating garrotte wire. Abandon hope all ye who enter its verses.

New Binge Inker Gerry Webber (don’t trust him with small furry animals) makes us smile in that shouldn’t-really-be-smiling way with his unsettling pet story.

And a voice from beyond the grave is the theme of my own short story ‘The Message’.

This edition is astonishingly good value (at £1.99) with over 70 poems and stories and as always, it is beautifully illustrated. Check out the gorgeous cover by Lee Harrison. Get it here. You might have nightmares, but you won’t be sorry…

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