Abandoned empty roomAfter the guttering came away from the roof, water began to seep into the brickwork.

I did nothing.

Mould started to grow in the corner. Wallpaper came away from the wall. A brown stain appeared in the carpet, and after a while, the stench of long-forgotten mushrooms invaded the bedroom. The earthy smell was strangely comforting.

I did nothing.

When the paintwork peeled, I ignored it. Wooden frames began to rot and twist. Small cracks appeared in some of the windows.

Still, I did nothing.

Weeds ran wild in the garden, and the lawn turned to moss. Blinds broke. Curtains sagged. Taps dripped. Bins overflowed. Rubbish piled up in the corner of the kitchen. Vermin ran freely through the house.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

If that bitch wants the house, she can have it

© Gerry Webber 2013

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