ChimpsmileMy top five favourites for humour from 2013. See if your lips twitch, a smile forms or a grin develops. Maybe even a titter.

Seek Hoose was my first attempt to write in dialect. Then there was the issue of trying to make the dialect rhyme. It’s not going to win prizes, but it was fun to write and I rather like it.

In Evie Catriona Windle juxtaposes humour with pathos, and tragedy with the exuberant thrill of living.

I attempt to subvert the fairy tale in Grumpy which was written to order for a class I was part of. This was an attempt to go for a strong character narrative in a particular style. See if you think it works. It was first published in Far Off Places.

Warrant Outstanding was a similar enterprise. Take a well loved tale and so something mischievous with it. Beautifully read by Sian Fiddimore whose Kansas accent is not to be sniffed at.

Gerry Webber is overly literal in A Case of Mistaken Identity. Nicely done.

Tomorrow, part 2.


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