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See last night? Ah had a wee drink:
An’ here that wee drink wanted wan;
So that wee drink goat wan,
An would ye no’ believe it?
That wan wanted wan tae.
Pretty soon it seemed ah wiz the only wan,
That didnae huv a wee drink roon here;
So just tae be sociable like,
Ah hud anither wan masel’

An ah’m ay feelin
That in wan or two wee drinks
Ah’ll be sorted.
Just wan or two mair;
Always wan or two mair,
Never this wan in ma haun,
Or that wan in ma belly;
Ah’ll be sorted
Ay after wan or two mair

An here’s me thinkin’ noo,
Albeit a wee bit slaw,
Is that no gey queer?
Ah must’ve hud a skinful,
A skinful right enough,
An’ ah’m still no sorted;
Hoo d’ye fathom that?
Goad, had ah better no just huv
Anither wee drink?

© DJ Mac 2014

Wan = one
goat = got
ah = I
wiz = was
didnae = didn’t
roon = round
tae = to
hid = had
anither = another
masel’ = myself
ay = always
mair = more
haun = hand
noo = now
slaw = slow
gey = very
hoo = how
anither = another

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