My line manager is fair and honest.
The water cooler will be fixed,
the replacement photocopier will arrive,
the canteen menu will soon include sushi
and last quarter’s numbers won’t mean redundancies.

My line manager’s always punctual for meetings,
and has more than a thirty second attention span.
He wouldn’t patronise junior colleagues
and doesn’t constantly interrupt.
He isn’t a bully
and is eager to praise.
He always keeps his promises
and you’d never guess he’s bothered by his bonus.
Steal your ideas, passing them off as his own? Certainly not!

My line manager never checks his phone while you’re in mid-sentence
nor falls for fawning sycophants.
He doesn’t wear pompous tweed suits
believing they make him lovably eccentric.
And would he ever have an affair
with his attractive PA,
who fills the hours fiddling with her long, fair hair
and hasn’t yet mastered spelling?

I respect him,
I admire him,
I adore him!
He’s my line manager.

© Martin Redfern 2015