Street-blurInside a small child wages war on the carpet,

Outside swallows re-enact sky battles.

Inside tea stains test normality,

Outside a cat leaves his mark.

Inside newscasters tell of trouble,

Outside ants patrol the borders.

Inside a sniper selects sharp words,

Outside magpies strafe open ground.

Inside negotiations fail,

Outside a songbird startles.

Inside a heavy sentence hits,

Outside starlings chatter judgement.

Inside toast burns unattended,

Outside sunset’s shadows scorch.

Inside cruelty cuts a heart to ribbons,

Outside stars shoot bullet holes in black.

Inside frailty bends to excuses,

Outside the owl protects her kill.

Inside tears drain in silence,

Outside a fox wails to the dark.

Inside bodies lie still,

Outside the night mourns.

© Emma Cooke 2013


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